Located in the heart of Kottarakara, Kerala, India, Kerala Theological Seminary is currently training over one hundred students to be future pastors, Bible teachers, and missionaries in India. The seminary offers degrees both at the Bachelor's and the Master's levels. Over 250 students have graduated thus far and are currently involved in mission work in various parts of India. Construction is still going on for the seminary building.

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A Typical Day

The student’s school week is very rigorous and starts each Monday at 5:30am and concludes with lights out at 10:30pm. Each day consists of bible devotions, prayer, chapel, classroom study, library study, and chores. A student participating in the Bachelors of Theology program will take 48 courses to graduate over a three-year period.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Students and Ministry at KTS

What impressed me most was the vitality of the faith of students and faculty and their servants attitude. All the students are involved in personal ministry, not because it is required, but because it is what they are called to do. Many are starting churches that they travel to on weekends. Everyone is walking by faith. Not faith that a supporting church will send in a donation. There are no supporting churches in India for the students. Just faith that God will supply their every need, which He graciously does each month.
--Rev. Ward Cushman

I love people who love the Lord and are willing to abandon all for the sake of the call! To a one, every student that I met were either seeking the Lord for a calling to the lost, the last, and the least or preparing for that calling.
--Pastor Adam Miller, Fox Valley Evangelical Church

History of the Seminary

In the year 2000, after finishing his studies at Trinity International University, Dr. K.C. Varghese went back to India to start a bible college in his hometown. Dr. Varghese could have decided to pursue a career as a professor in the U.S. as his peers were doing; however, because of his burden for India and his vision to start a Bible training center, he founded Kerala Theological Seminary. The school was started in a rented 24-room building, which was formerly a hospital. At the same time, construction began on a three-story building that would allow KTS to be able to support a larger student body. In 2003, KTS had its first graduation where 17 students graduated. In 2010, KTS celebrated its 10th anniversary, marking a milestone of God's provision of grace throughout the history of KTS. Over the past 10 years, KTS has quickly grown from a humble beginning of 22 students to a training center with more than a hundred students. Kerala Theological Seminary continues to strive to fulfill its mission of preparing Indian nationals for preaching the gospel and planting churches among the unreached millions.

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