We are looking for individuals to join our staff to fill these areas. If you are interested in a volunteer or paid position (part-time or full-time), please email us.

Executive Director
This position involves traveling and sharing about the needs of the ministry to churches, individuals, and other organizations. This person will also help to manage many of the daily operations of the organization.

Communications / Donor Relations
We need individuals who are interested in composing newsletters, posting ministry updates on social sharing websites, emailing ministry partners, and communicating the needs of the ministry with potential donors.

We need individuals who can help with bookkeeping. Experience with accounting software will be helpful.

We need individuals who can help with writing grants to different foundations.

Website Development
We need someone who can help design and maintain our website.

As you go through the website, prayerfully consider the way in which God may be calling you to partner with the ministry in India because "the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few" (Luke 10:2).